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Vintage Chemical Brothers T Shirt - Block Rockin' Beats - XL

by Crusher Destroyer

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Truth be told, The Chemical Brothers were never really my jam, but I was always impressed with their aesthetic sensibility. It was obvious these guys had a design background from jump. Everything they put out was visually remarkable, which (IMO) made their unremarkable music art. It's a little silly to think anyone should even listen to my opinion about their music, because I don't dance, exempting me from any  and all electronica deliberation. 

Anyway, The Chemical Brothers formed in Manchester in 1989. They've had six number-one albums and two number-one singles in the UK, along with 11 other top-20 tracks. 

And this shirt, a little jewel Teejerker wrangled up cost me top dollar for, but it has the sickest art on it. Grenade on the front. Block Rockin Beats on the back. Hard to argue with the wearability potential.

Blank: Delta
Size: XL

Wear: Perfect boxy '90s double stitch, and I'd guess this one has seen the washer dryer routine at least 20 times.

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