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Vintage Danzig Skull - Threadbare and Thrashed - XL

by Crusher Destroyer

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Full transparency, I avoided Danzig until my late teens. I loved The Misfits, but Danzig was heavy metal, and heavy metal was for pimply, D&D playing, comic book collecting, girlfriendless heshers. I know, I sucked. And man, was I only seeing what I thought I should see. Most of those dudes were some of the coolest guys I'd ever meet, and I'd be a musical illiterate without their help. But I didn't completely miss the mark. Not completely.

Those dudes knew their kind when they saw them. Glenn Danzig loved comics too, and they responded to the same aesthetic he did. The skull logo used by Danzig for his bands Samhain and Danzig actually comes from Marvel Comics' 1980s title Saga of Crystar. And anyone denying its objective badassness is simply wrong.

Although the horned skull on Initium's artwork is not as prominent as on Danzig's first album, it is still clearly visible above Samhain's name. The band also included the logo on their 1986 album Samhain III: November-Coming-Fire, as well as in various promotional materials.


This shirt was a ebay stalking steal, and I actually wound up offering the person selling it more than they asked. I couldn't believe flippers and collectors were devouring it. I even thought they were seeing something I was missing, a clear indicator of replication or inauthenticity. But even it was a replica, the artistry, and wear of this Brockum XL moved me. I made it mine. And when it showed up, I'm almost certain, it's seen decades of love. Easily a 25-year-old shirt.

It deserves to be worn by someone who's newly discovered the world of Danzig and is falling fast, or one of those beautiful heshers I discounted who memorized every satanic twang.


Tag: Brockum Worldwide

Size: XL

Wear: Shredded to perfection (see photos)

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