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Authentic? Mosquitohead "Barney Fife" - XL

by Crusher Destroyer

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Mosquitohead, an LA clothing brand established in 1986 by Robert Brandt and his partner Paul, filled a gap in the market for rock merchandise and counter culture shirts. They believed there was a lack of design concept and culture behind what was being made. This led to the birth of Mosquitohead, best known for their counter culture aesthetic, incredible all-over bleach prints, and highly sought-after vintage collectable t-shirts. 

I owned a couple of legit Mosquitoheads when I was a kid: the Ramones and the Damned I think. The bleached out material made the shirts pretty fragile as I recall, one reason they were printed on thick tees. I bought this one years later. These are often faked, and  I do know the originals were on Hanes Heavy Weights or Stedmans. Either way, the blank was a nice vintage and the print job was great. Faded nicely.
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