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Hello, My Name is Satan - The Rarest of "Fuct" Shirts - XL/Blue

by Crusher Destroyer

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Friends U Can't Trust (FUCT), is a streetwear brand founded in Los Angeles in 1990 by American artist and designer Erik Brunetti and professional skateboarder Natas Kaupas. Brun deliberately selected the moniker "FUCT" to elicit debates about its pronunciation. Renowned for its integration of pop culture references, subversive political and religious critiques, and satirical logo designs, FUCT holds a celebrated status as an innovator in contemporary streetwear fashion.

This is the holy grail of FUCT shirts. I bought this one about six years ago from another collector. I had one in the late '90s when I was a line cook, but it disappeared and was less presentable than this beauty. XL. Light wear and wash. Very rare!
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