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Vintage Robert Johnson Shirt by R. Crumb Shirt - 1991 - Large

by Crusher Destroyer

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A very rare original R. Crumb illustration of Robert Johnson portrait T shirt. I believe 

This shirt is super well worn with a soft, thin fabric. There are no major stains, but you may notice slight discoloration here and there (seasoning I call it). I love this shirt. Selling it because it doesn't see daylight as much as it should. Deserves a lot more air time than I give it.

I think this version first appeared on the cover of Rock & Roll Disc magazine in 1990. I could be wrong though. R. Crumb's has about four different collections in print with amazing depictions of all the Delta legends dating back to the late '70s. I've been looking for a Charlie Parker version of this shirt. A friend of mine had one in high school, and I coveted that thing.

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