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Soul Coughing Vintage T Shirt - Large

by Crusher Destroyer

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Soul Coughing was one of those quirkier, genre-less, cult bands of the '90s that found commercial success. Think G. Love, Morphine, the Eels, and Cake. A New York nascent-hipster Brooklyn outfit, Soul Coughing's debut album, 1994’s Ruby Vroom had huge beats, primal jazzy bass lines, a very specific flavor of alt rock hip hop. And hooks, kind of cloying hooks that after a couple of listens burned a loop into your working memory.

I have no particular opinion of them now, but keep sliding and you'll hopefully get a clip (possibly filmed in Stubbs?) of one of those songs that burrowed itself into my hippocampus, so much so, it feels very much like a specific year of my life, and made me feel temporarily smarter for listening to it. Very temporarily. This shirt is probably a physical manifestation of that year. A deep '90s alt rock cut of a shirt, but it will win you some friends and start a few conversations for sure.

Perfectly thrashed but very wearable 

Brand: Jerzees

Material: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester.

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