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Vintage Mastodon "The Jumper" T-Shirt

by Crusher Destroyer

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This is a very special piece. Behold the infamous Jumper, art by Jason Wagoner, a gifted Atlanta artist prolific in the Atlanta underground scene of the mid-to-late '90s,

Genre genre-diverse alumnus include Cat Power, The Rock 'a' Teens, William Carlos Williams, Black Lips, Smoke, Seely, Flap, Ocelot, Plastic Plan, Purkinje Shift, Some Soviet Station, Floraline, Four-Hour-Fogger, Fiend Without a Face, Mission to Murder, the titular "Crusher Destroyer," Deerhunter, SevenDust, The Hal Al Shedad, and Mastodon.

The jumper was discontinued months after its release and few prints exist. I printed this one as a tester for Mastodon on Troy Sanders's silkscreen equipment (equipment he'd eventually sell me). It stands as a time capsule of Atlanta's thriving indie scene near the turn of the century.

Unworn, unwashed. A pristine piece of Atlanta's quiet, but busy, progressive music scene of the late '90s.

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