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Vintage "The Frighteners" T Shirt '96 - Peter Jackson

by Crusher Destroyer

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Peter Jackson's 1996 supernatural horror-comedy, The Frighteners, follows Frank Bannister (Michael J. Fox), an architect who can communicate with ghosts. With the help of three eccentric paranormal investigators, Frank must confront a menacing spirit known as the 'Judge' in order to save his town from destruction. Featuring an ensemble cast of quirky characters, The Frighteners is a unique and entertaining blend of horror and comedy that Jackson fans are sure to love.

I probably watched this movie 20 times. It was so anti-Hollywood. It wasn't laugh out loud funny, but R. Lee Ermey had some good lines, and Jake Busey was straight up creepy. The movie felt culty without trying. So mainstream, yet so kiwi.

I've been searching for a tee that looked like the movie poster for over a decade, and one finally appeared, on eBay. It feels very personal, but hoping there's another Frighteners fanatic out there who can rock this and win every conversation it starts.


Large, boxie Murina '90s tee

Light wear

100% Cotton

Storage rust stain on the back

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