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Vintage The Jesus Lizard T Shirt - '90s - XL

by Crusher Destroyer

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I bought Liar, the third studio album by The Jesus Lizard in early 1993 because I heard one of the guys behind the counter at Wuxtry Records in Decatur, GA struggle to describe their live show, struggle in a good way though. Considered an alt-rock classic, the albums dense sound and methed out energy was just a hint of what you could get a Lizard show.

David Yow is a spectacle, a sweaty, snarling, cowboy boot wearing, rock 'n' roll spectacle.

I bought this shirt from teerjerker about three years ago because, once again, I couldn't find a shirt I cherished, my Jesus Lizard "Mickey on a Missile" shirt has gone missing, and I saw this bastard was for sale.

The patina, and thread bear wear of this perfect piece is almost as amazing as the four-color print. I paid a pretty penny for it, and I have no regrets. Nether should you. It's true alt-rock vintage. Lots of fakes out there, but this is the real deal.

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