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Tori Amos - 1996

by Crusher Destroyer

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North Carolina-born, preacher's daughter Tori Amos was/is known for her unique blend of '90s alt rock and the lyrical intensity of Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell. She revitalized the singer/songwriter traditions of the '70s and brought the piano back into the forefront of rock music.

Despite a setback with her glam project Y Kant Tori Read (yep, someone decided that band name was a good idea) in the late '80s, she returned to her roots with the piano, leading to the release of her iconic album, "Little Earthquakes," in 1992. She has recorded prolifically ever since.

The t-shirt pictured is a wild oats "Janus" style with near perfect fade patina. It was merch for her tour supporting 1996's "Boys for Pele".